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We believe in treatment to that is proven to enhance overall health and use a variety of techniques and therapies to treat your pain and relieve symptoms.  We have the knowledge and skill to help you function at your personal best, either physically or mentally.  Here, we don't cut corners simply to fill our books. We treat every client's specific needs and strive to make each experience beneficial and lasting.

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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is not only beneficial to the muscle tissue, but also  slows down your sympathetic nervous system and engages your parasympathetic nervous system, allowing you to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety to gain a better nights sleep.

Deep Tissue 

The most holistic and beneficial massage, this session goes beyond manual myofascial work of the muscle tissue but also treats joints and ligaments. We incorporate several stretching techniques that elongate your muscles and ease the tension left on the joints.  

Therapeutic Massage

Designed for people with soft-tissue injuries (sprains/strains), scar tissue from recent surgeries or past injuries that leave you prohibited. We perform the appropriate manual work on said injuries to assist in your recovery.

Massage Packages

We offer any of these three services in packages of 4. Save 20% by purchasing your sessions in bundles and schedule them out as you so choose.